Dr. Ruth Reveals Surprising Love for Turtles

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take
Dr. Ruth Reveals Surprising Love for Turtles

There’s a lot more to Dr. Ruth than just sex. She has had a very fascinating life, and now there is an Off-Broadway show called “Becoming Dr. Ruth” which explains it all. But Dr. Ruth just prefers to say “near” Broadway.

“You’ve had this extraordinary, incredible life,” Katie said, “You survived the holocaust, you were a sniper in the Israeli army, it must be strange watching this play. Do you feel as if your life is flashing before your eyes?”

“It’s not flashing before my eyes – I love it,” Dr. Ruth said. “I actually adore it.”

Watching the show for Dr. Ruth has been a great experience, and she says that it paints a picture of who she truly is.

“I have had a difficult life,” said Dr. Ruth. “I was an orphan at the age of 10. I lived in an orphanage, then was in Israel, and I was a sniper, and then I lived in Paris. It’s very interesting for me. I sit at the edge of my chair.”

Before Dr. Ruth left, Katie had a few gifts for the famous therapist – some turtles.

Why does the 85-year-old sex guru love those amphibians so much?

“A turtle is safe if it stays in one place because it carries its house on its back. But the turtle doesn’t move unless it takes a risk. It has to stick its neck out. It could get hurt – but it doesn’t move – and that’s really part of my life. I did stick my neck out.”