Dating for Single Parents

Katie Couric
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Katie's Take

Katie's Take

The dating world can be tough for anybody, but dating as a single parent presents some unique challenges.

Martine Byer is a psychotherapist and author of "Sex and the Single Parent," and she sat down with me to talk through all the ins and outs of these potentially tricky waters.  First, she discusses the need for time management and always putting your child first while allotting some time for dates or meeting new people.

There is also the delicate issue of talking to your children about your personal life.  Byer recommends having an open conversation to learn how your children feel about you seeing other people, while assuring them that they are still your number one priority.

It is also important to be tactful when introducing your child to a new love interest.  For instance, many single parents worry that their child may dislike the person they've chosen to date. If this is the case, Byer advises respecting your child's concerns, trying to find a compromise and making the most of the situation.

At the same time, Byer also warns parents against giving a child too much power over their love lives, as they might experience feelings of guilt or regret later on.

She also says that relationships with a parent's significantly other can frequently prove to be a positive influence in a child's life.

In the end, she points out it is possible to find love again while keeping your first love--your child.