Comedian Aziz Ansari Stops By Katie

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take

Funny man Aziz Ansari brought the laughs to Katie earlier this week – during a wide-ranging conversation, including his new Netflix special, arranged marriages and possibly his No. 1 love – Shake Shack – but first, Katie wanted to know what it was like being a comedian.

“Are comedians pretty supportive of one another, generally?” Katie asked.

“Yeah, but we’re also shy and insecure people in a lot of ways. It’s weird that we sign up to do a show where we’re going to get made fun of and feel bad about ourselves,” Aziz said, when discussing the art of comedy roasting.

Aziz’s new comedy special “Buried Alive” focuses on the turning points in his life – turning 30, and watching his friends getting married and having children.

The topic quickly transitioned to arranged marriages. Aziz’s parents had been arranged and have been happily married for almost 33 years.

“Does that mean that sometimes arranged marriages can work?” Katie wondered.

“I mentioned this in the special – whenever they’ve done research about the happiness of couples they find that with arranged couples in the beginning they’re not as happy – but in the end they find that the arranged couples are happier than the non-arranged couples,” Aziz noted.

“It’s kind of like a ‘starts at a simmer and builds to a boil' type of situation. I guess people get to know each other and build a bond over time.”

When it comes to love – Aziz is very clear about one thing – as revealed in a game of “Would You Rather…?”

“Would you rather be in a committed relationship and able to eat all the Shake Shack you want? Or would you rather be single and never able to eat Shake Shack again?” Katie wondered.

“I think I’d choose the first option with the Shake Shack. Hopefully it’s a committed relationship with someone I really like. I’m basing this answer solely on the Shake Shack portion,” he admitted.