The Cleansing Craze: A Fresh Take on Juice Diets

Samara Mackereth
Katie's Take
The Cleansing Craze: A Fresh Take on Juice Diets

There is no shortage of quick fix health products, nor is the consumer base lacking. And the most popular health and weight loss recharge is, by far, the juice cleanse.

Despite its growing popularity, many dieticians and doctors are skeptical of both the short and long term health benefits of this trend. Dr. Mark Hyman author of The Blood Sugar Solution, weighed in on the pros and cons of juice cleanses.

“It’s a great way for people to reboot if they’re eating junk and processed food,” said Dr. Hyman who believes juice cleanses allow you to feel good immediately but warns consumers that they are not sustainable in the long term.

“The danger is if you restrict your calories to the juicing you’re going to end up slowing your metabolism down, your body thinks you’re starving,” said Dr. Hyman and warns that your metabolism will rebound which could cause a post cleanse weight gain. However, he says that using a cleanse is helpful in transitioning to healthier diet.

Each juice cleanse is calibrated to ensure that consumers are getting enough of their daily value in nutrients to sustain themselves and Dr. Hyman does not refute the health benefits of the increase of fruit and vegetable intake.

“It’s the only thing scientist agree on that prevents cancer, heart disease, diabetes - every disease on the planet and makes you live longer, said Dr. Hyman, urging people to add four to five cups of fruits and vegetables to their daily menu. Before partaking in the juice cleanse craze, Dr. Hyman advises that you check with you doctor.

Incorporating juice into your diet is easier than you may think. With its growing popularity, brands like Juice Press, Life Juice and Cooler Cleanse offer a wide variety of options. And making your own juice is simple with the help of a juicer, allowing you to customize the nutrients you want to boost in your diet.