Cate Edwards Opens Up About John Edwards’ Affair

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take
Cate Edwards Opens Up About John Edwards’ Affair

Cate Edwards, daughter of Sen. John Edwards and the late Elizabeth Edwards, stopped by Katie to discuss her mother’s battle with breast cancer and how she handled her father’s very public affair.

“He had an affair while your mom was dealing with breast cancer,” Katie said, “How did you learn about this?”

“My dad told me,” Cate said. “I was an adult so I obviously understood what was going on.”

Cate said that the conversation was very difficult for both her and her father, but she was grateful that he told her.

“Were you furious at your dad? Because honestly I was so mad, if I were you I would have been just enraged,” Katie said.

“When he’s your dad it’s a different type of anger,” Cate explained.

While there was anger, there was a lot of love too, and now Cate and her dad have a great relationship.

Cate also went into detail regarding how she handled her mother’s illness and eventually her mother’s death. She was able to get through it with strength and support from friends, family and her husband.

“I know that before your mom died she said she wanted you and your siblings to someday tell your own children that she ‘Stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way and it surely has not, she adjusted her sails’,” Katie said. “What else would you tell your children about your mom, their grandmother, one day?”

“I would certainly tell them that,” said Cate, “She didn’t just say it as a quote, she truly lived it.”

Elizabeth Edwards was strong spirited, funny, sharp as a whip, according to her daughter.

“You could not win an argument with that woman,” Cate noted. “She was a personality and a force and I think that will never go away for me and I hope I am able to convey that to my children."