The Cast of Murphy Brown Reunite

Ashley Phillips
Katie's Take
The Cast of Murphy Brown Reunite

The cast of the hit sitcom “Murphy Brown” which aired for ten years with a total of 247 episodes - has finally reunited.

Candice Bergen played an investigative journalist and news anchor for FYI, a fictional television program, but it was her supporting cast that made the show so great.

“Is it fun for you all to have the gang assembled once more?” Katie asked “We love it,” said Joe Regalbuto, who played Frank Fontana on the hit 90’s series. “The minute we all saw each other everybody just lit up.

“It really is powerful, the feelings we have for each other,” added Charles Kimbrough.

While most television sitcoms take a few years to fully develop, many noted that “Murphy Brown” felt right from the start.

“It’s pretty unusual - it seems to me - for a whole cast to click like you guys did,” Katie mentioned.

While it was unusual, the cast gave credit to the strong writing.
“We knew who our characters were from day one.” Joe said, “We had a ball right from the beginning.”