How to Boost Your Memory

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take

There’s nothing more insulting than forgetting someone’s name – and while there are some tricks you can use, such as “How do you spell your name again?” it often ends with embarrassment. “... It’s S-A-M.”

Why not just boost your memory by using this cool tip from memory-master and USA Memory Championship winner Nelson Dellis?

“When I’m about to meet somebody, the first thing I do is pay attention,” Nelson said.

Whoa there, Nelson, we’re not all mental athletes. Here are three easy steps to mastering a name.

Tip #1: Look at someone and choose a distinguishing feature.

The first thing Katie noticed about Nelson was his hair. “You have a little Woody Woodpecker situation,” she said.

Tip #2: Think of someone famous with the same name.

In this case, it’s Nelson Mandela.

Tip #3: Stick an image of the celebrity with the feature.

Katie places Nelson Mandela on top of Nelson Dellis’ spiky hair situation.

Now, the next time Katie meets Nelson Dellis at cocktail party, she won’t have to get out of the conversation by refreshing her drink.