How Benedict Cumberbatch Almost Lost His Last Name

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take
How Benedict Cumberbatch Almost Lost His Last Name

Benedict Cumberbatch, the U.K.’s Sexiest Man Alive (twice, by the way) stopped by Katie to discuss his new film “The Fifth Estate” where he plays the infamous WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Benedict might have the best name in show business, but his last name could have been unknown.

“Have you ever thought about changing it? I love it!” Katie asked.

“There was one moment at the beginning of my career when I was called Benedict Carleton, which is my middle name,” he said, “It didn’t really ride very well.”

It wasn’t until he met with a new agent that the suggestion to use his real name came up.

“Why on earth aren’t you calling yourself Benedict Cumberbatch?” his new agent asked.

“Well because it sounds like a fart-in-a-bath,” he replied.

“You’re the ‘it’ guy right now. I feel like you’re everywhere. Is it a little bit overwhelming, is it exciting?” Katie asked.

“I’m enjoying it,” Benedict said.

He’s trying to relish the moment. He admits that at times it can be overwhelming.

Benedict also received some sound career advice from someone who understands, one of the sexiest men in the U.S. -– George Clooney.

“He said ‘Look, just enjoy this. Remember, you’re an actor first and foremost that’s what you’re doing. You’re not a spokesperson for anything -- you are doing this because you are performing this as a role' -- which is absolutely spot on,” Benedict noted.

Benedict has no issues with being Glamour Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive saying “It’s about what I do with the way I look,” he said.

“Sexy is as sexy does, that’s what I say,” Katie replied.