Avril Lavigne: It’s Not That ‘Complicated’

Stefan Doyno
Katie's Take

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne - who busted onto the scene with loose neckties and black eyeliner has grown up.
She’s not the punky 17-year old girl she once was - she’s now a punky 29 year old woman. Her new self titled album is her 5th, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

“It’s very me. It’s so diverse, Avril said, all the sounds and styles from the past – that’s there.

She also experimented and grown. She has a song titled “Hello Kitty” which is more electronic, and a little more upbeat compared to her usual “break up”, “boy-bashing” hits.

“I’m not a teenager anymore,” she added. “There’s something there for everyone.”

Avril also recently married Chad Kroeger, from the band Nickelback in the south of France.
The bride wore black – black eye make-up, black nail polish and of course a black dress. Oh, and there was a black cake…maybe she hasn’t changed too much.

She did however receive a white diamond ring – which you have to see to believe.