Am I Depressed?

Katie Couric
Global Anchor
Katie's Take

Katie's Take

Remember that old song by the Carpenters, "Rainy Days and Mondays?"  Sometimes feeling down or experiencing a case of the blues can be chalked up to a bad day, but sometimes it's something more serious.

Psychotherapist Dr. Ellen McGrath defines depression as a mood disorder that is biological, psychological and social.  If you've been experiencing symptoms like a loss of appetite, lack of energy, changes in your sleeping patterns and a withdrawal from your ordinary activities, especially if those symptoms last for longer than two weeks,  you may have depression and should seek treatment.

Depression may make people feel isolated, but they are hardly alone in their struggle.  19 million Americans have been diagnosed with depression, and statistics show one in four adults will experience it at some point in their lives.

But the good news is, with increased awareness and better diagnosis more and more people are seeking (and receiving) treatment.  56% of all depression sufferers are currently getting the help they need.

That's a great start, but if you feel like what you've got is a little more than just the blues, don't hesitate to see your doctor.

Mondays can sometimes get you down…but not every Monday…and the right treatment can get you back into life and enjoying the sunshine again.