YouTube pranksters serve up free pizza to homeless

Nadine Kalinauskas

YouTube pranksters Roman, Dennis and Chase recently convinced their friend Joe, at Wholly Joe's Chicago Eatery, to hand over his keys to his shop.

Instead of simply retrieving a forgotten wallet as they claimed, the three friends immediately got to work — and made 30 pizzas for the homeless.

"Thanks for feeding the homeless!" they wrote in a note left behind in the messy kitchen. "Smile more!"

The three visited Faith Mission and wandered the streets with the still-hot pepperoni pies, bringing a pizza party — and smiles — to Chicago's homeless residents:

As for the pranksters' relationship with their buddy Joe, considering Wholly Joe's Chicago Eatery shared the prank video on its Facebook page with the message "Share this video and help people SMILE MORE," we assume he wasn't too angry.

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"Behind the scenes, Joe was a good sport when he found the messy shop in the morning...and declares to get them back!" the eatery posted online.

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage of the prank below:

"I love this," Roman said after handing out the 30 pizzas. "This is my new passion."