How to make a wedding speech go viral: maid of honour raps her toast

Nadine Kalinauskas

Best maid of honour speech ever?

At her big sister's wedding at La Costa Resort, California last month, Jennifer Gabrielli, 24, eschewed a traditional speech for one with a little more swagger.

"Now this looks like it's meant to be, so everybody just toast with me, raise your glasses if you're thirsty, because tonight we're here to p-par-party," she rapped, raising her glass to toast the happy couple, Nicole and Blake.

Watch Gabrielli's crowd-pleasing riff on Eminem's "Without Me" below.

Read the lyrics here.

"I memorize songs faster than I memorize speeches, so in school anything I had to memorize I'd make it into a song and sing it in the class," Gabrielli told "I play the piano and write music and love to sing so it was better for me personally to write a rap that I’d remember than write a speech."

"And I didn’t want to get up there and get nervous and forget everything or start to cry," she added.

The bride and groom's reaction?

"They loved it," Gabrielli said. "Nicole said she was proud of me."

Everyone else seems to love it, too. In five days, the rap, filmed by EK Media Productions, has been seen more than 800,000 times on YouTube.

In raising her glass, Gabrielli also raised the bar for all speech-givers at weddings.

As Mashable's Allison Reiber writes, "Jennifer: Where she we mail your invitation to our wedding?"