In Washington, soldier rescues wheelchair-bound man from subway tracks

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

On July 4, a man in a motorized wheelchair fell face-first onto the Metro Center subway tracks in Washington, D.C.

The unidentified man landed only inches from the high-voltage third rail of the Metro's central hub station, ABC News reported.

U.S. Army Specialist Michael Menchaca was coming down the escalator when he saw the man's wheelchair roll over the edge of the platform.

"I saw something go over on the track," Menchaca told WJLA-TV. "I went to go see and look down, and there was a guy strapped to his wheelchair."

Without hesitation, Menchaca jumped onto the tracks to help the man. He tried to pick him up, but discovered that the accident victim was still strapped to his chair.

Two other good Samaritans saw Menchaca struggle to free the man and also jumped onto the tracks. Together, they were able to pull the man to safety.

The rescue was captured on surveillance camera:

Metro employees had alerted their control system to stop all trains, WJLA-TV reported.

The man in the wheelchair only suffered minor injuries, including a fractured wrist and a laceration on his leg.

Menchaca is being considered for the Army's highest peacetime honour, the Soldier's Medal.

"It was just the right thing," Menchaca insisted. "Pretty much like anyone else would have done."