‘A Second a Day from Birth’: Parents capture son’s first year of life

Nadine Kalinauskas

Sam Cornwell and his wife Beverely filmed their newborn son Indigo, who was born a month early on July 9, 2012, at least once a day, every day for the first year of his life.

To celebrate Indigo's first birthday, the proud parents from Hayling Island, England, edited together a sweet "moving time-lapse" video of their baby boy's first year.

"He doesn't quite appreciate it yet, but we hope that in a few years he will," Cornwell writes on vimeo.

It’s "hopefully something he will treasure when he’s older and not feel too embarrassed about," Cornwell, who was inspired by Cesar Kuriyama's 2012 "One Second Every Day" TED Talk, tells PetaPixel.

Watch a year in Indigo's life below.

They grow up too fast.