NY parking enforcement officer gives responsible driver a break

Nadine Kalinauskas
Found on a street in New York City. Peculiar.
"Found on a street in New York City. Peculiar." Photo from Imgur.

Last month, we shared the story of a kind Ottawa parking officer who let a locked-out driver off the hook.

Yesterday, redditor mrob2738 posted a photo of more parking-officer compassion.


"Hey, I'm pretty buzzed. I don't want to get a DWI, I will pick up my car first thing in the AM. Please don't give me a ticket. — Brianna," a message on a car's dashboard in Islip, New York, reads.

Instead of writing her a ticket, a parking enforcement officer wrote Brianna a short response on a violation-notice slip.

"Brianna, I appreciate you being responsible. In the future, please try not to park here when you drink. Thank you!" the cop wrote.

"This is great. Rewarding people for responsible behaviour even though you may have to bend the rules a bit is a great way to get people to do sh*t like this. If I were a cop, my thought process would be 'Ok, they didn't pay enough to park all night, but at least they weren't all the way stupid and tried to drive it home to avoid a parking ticket. They did the wrong thing by over parking but they did an even bigger right thing by leaving it here,'" wrote one redditor.