Floods dampen Calgary couple’s wedding plans but love wins out in the end

Lindsay Jolivet
June 26, 2013

An underwater ceremony wasn't on the agenda for a Calgary couple's wedding this weekend, and rising flood waters nearly drowned their carefully planned big day.

But when high water came it brought Amber Adams and Eric Hepler determination, they told the Canadian Press and the wedding day had to go on.

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The trouble began on Friday morning when guests, some travelling, began to hear the reports of flooding downtown as the Bow River overflowed. Then, the hotel where her guests had booked rooms lost power, the Canadian Press reported.

She called every hotel she could find until one agreed to host her guests. The band, which included the groom's brother, managed to drive from nearby Banff on the wet highway. It took them 12 hours, according to the story.

But the venue didn't flood and most of the wedding guests made it. In the end, Adams said she didn't care about all the details she had planned carefully, down to the napkins.

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"All I cared was that we managed to get together somehow," she told the Canadian Press.

Beneath the countless stories about damage that could take a decade to repair, stories of hope and resilience have emerged from Alberta's disaster.

Reporter Tom Babin of the Calgary Herald told the story of a flood victim that picked up a lost $5 bill from the ground and, thinking it was his, gave it to the reporter. She insisted she didn't need it though she had clearly lost a great deal. He wrote that he was touched these people thought someone else needed a little help more than they did.

In one heavily damaged Calgary southwest neighbourhood, the Herald reported many volunteers showed up to help with clean up, even for families they didn't know.