Dozens of ducks get a police escort in England

Nadine Kalinauskas

Commuters in Surrey, England, spotted about 50 Mallard ducks waddling along the highway last Thursday.

Surrey Police responded to a call from a concerned driver and helped escort the ducks off the road and into a nearby shed.

"A police officer attended and found around 50 young ducks waddling down the road. With the help of a local resident and some corn, the ducks were herded to safety into a nearby shed," a police spokesperson told the Surrey Times.

"The slip road at Norney was closed for a short time while the ducks were rounded up."

The lucky ducks aren't the first to receive help from kindhearted humans.

Last month, a group of strangers in Vancouver came to the rescue after three little ducklings fell through a grate into the sewer.

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In June, a duck led her ducklings across a dangerous Indy racetrack in Detroit. Workers at the track stopped practice to escort the waddlers to safety.

And last fall, a mother duck and her ducklings safely crossed all four lanes of traffic on the Toronto-area Highway 407.

"407 ETR offers all of its customers a fast, safe and reliable trip. In this case, our customers included a family of ducks, and we were pleased to see it work out so well," Kevin Sack, vice-president of communications and government relations for the highway, told the Toronto Star.