Danny, the blind rescue puppy, sees again

Nadine Kalinauskas

Last month, the Austin Humane Society rescued a 5-month-old hound mix named Danny — along with 29 other dogs — from a hoarding situation at a farm near Waco, Texas.

Shortly after his arrival at the shelter, Danny started losing his vision. Veterinarians diagnosed with him with juvenile cataracts. Without eye surgery, the pup would be blind for the rest of his life.

While Dr. Lynsey Wagner at Eye Care for Animals offered to donate the $4,000 surgery, funds were still needed to ensure Danny would have the testing, medication and after care required for the surgery's long-term success.

"We don't just take away their lens, we give them a new one. So he should have normal focused vision for life,” Dr. Wagner told KVUE a few days before the scheduled two-hour procedure.

The Austin Humane Society appealed to kindhearted strangers for donations:

The appeal was successful.

"We've had donations come from as far as Georgia, Colorado, Massachusetts and California. People clearly heard this story and they want to help," the Austin Humane Society's Kelly Hanes told KVUE.

More than enough money came in. Danny's care is now fully covered, with leftover money helping other animals in need, too.

"We've gotten more that's come in over the top of that, so that will leave a legacy for other animals," Hanes said.

Danny is going well after surgery. Just minutes after the operation, the young pup "was already alert and ready to play."

"It's great every time, that's why it's my favourite. It's the same feeling when you can just see them tracking you, even from the kennel. You just know they're seeing you for the first time," said Dr. Wagner after last Thursday's surgery.

Danny will be healing from surgery for the next six to eight weeks. Then he'll be ready for adoption. Nearly all of the other dogs rescued from the farm have been already adopted, KVUE reported.