Cute kids attempt to say ‘trick or treat’

Nadine Kalinauskas
Cute kids attempt to say ‘trick or treat’

One of the first things a young trick-or-treater needs to learn is how to actually say "trick or treat."

The folks at HooplaHa compiled a series of adorable clips of youngsters attempting to ask for candy from their neighbours.

The result is sweeter than candy.

"You probably don't remember the first time you donned a garbage can to become R2-D2, but you were probably adorable," HooplaHa wrote. "These toddler variations of the classic Halloween phrase, 'Trick or Treat!' will make you look back fondly on the days you or your child wobbled from door to door on a glorious trail of candy and spooks."


Even when little kids get it wrong, they still manage to win over the candy-givers.

"Last year, two sisters who went as a horse came to my door. The youngest, who was the back half and probably about six, jumped out and yelled, 'Happy Birthday!'" commented Jean Rhys Lives at Jezebel. "I gave her all the Reeses I could grab."