‘Concerned preschool patron’ returns nickel found at public library

Nadine Kalinauskas

Finders, keepers? Not for every preschooler.

One youngster found a nickel in the stacks at a local public library and insisted it be turned in for the owner to claim.

Redditor lastfantastic, who works at the library, shared the note on imgur.

"This nickel was found in the shelves by a very honest & concerned preschool patron," the note read. "I assured her we would keep it here for owner to claim."

The sweet note is now displayed at the children's desk.

"This is so good. So cute. And the interaction I imagine taking place is so so so good for developing the child's empathy and moral compass. Please, wherever you work, recognize a child like he's made of gold whenever he or she does something this honest and thoughtful," wrote redditor saanctum.

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"This post makes me happy for everyone involved," wrote jbisinia. "I have a feeling I'll end up a librarian eventually."