Comedy podcast duo buy free ice cream for 1,000 strangers

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris of the comedy podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go! had a brilliant idea: to buy ice cream cones for 1,000 strangers.

"Why? Because it's summer, and everyone loves ice cream, and it would be fun to buy a thousand people ice cream,"  they wrote. "We're not changing the world here, there will be no TED talk, we promise. We just think it would be a great thing to do with a weekend of our lives."

With the help of their listeners, they raised the ice-cream-buying money on Kickstarter, then headed to Sweet Action Ice Cream in Denver for a day of sweet generosity.

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Each recipient of a free cone also received a card that named the listener who paid for that particular treat.

Watch what happened when Thorn and Morris handed out free ice cream cones to happy store patrons and unsuspecting passersby.

It took the duo six hours to give out the 1,000 cones.

In an email to Geekosystem, Thorn shared the origins of the idea:

"I thought of the idea when I was buying an ice cream cone, to be honest. It was at a drugstore that sells 99 cent cones. I just thought…“I could buy a thousand ice cream cones!” And I’d been sitting on that idea for years. Then last summer, a listener of ours was in the Olympics, competing for Canada as a Modern Pentathlete. We asked her how we could help, and we ended up raising the money to buy her a laser gun, which is what they use for target shooting. I figured if we could raise thousands for a laser gun, ice cream should be easy. Basically our listeners are the best."