Bill Mohr turns 105, graduates from high school

Nadine Kalinauskas
Bill Mohr turns 105, graduates from high school

Bill Mohr just turned 105. He's celebrating 70 years of marriage to his 98-year-old wife, Josephine. And he finally has his high school diploma.

He celebrated all three milestones at the same party this week.

"If I die tomorrow, I’m not going to ask the Lord for anything. He has given me everything I need over the years. I can hardly say much more than that," the WWII vet from Hatboro, Pennsylvania, told CBS Philadelphia.

Mohr dropped out of school to help support his family in 1926, when he was just 15.

When he recently told his daughter, Jodie Hartshorne, he wished he had finished high school, she worked with school officials to help make that dream come true.

"When my dad was in 8th grade, he won a full scholarship to St. Joe’s Preparatory School in the 1920s. It meant a lot to him. He had a speech impediment and he only finished two years of high school," Hartshorne told NBC Philadelphia.

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This week Mohr, who wrote his first book of poetry at age 90, received an honorary high school diploma from St. Joseph Prep School.

When asked if there's anything else he'd like to accomplish, Mohr answered:

"I wish I could fly an airplane if only for 10 minutes. I would like to do a loopdy-loop a couple of times."

He's also like to visit Ireland, something his daughter is trying to figure out how to make happen.