The best way to feed your puppy? A ‘Dog Goldberg machine’

Nadine Kalinauskas

We've oohed and awed over a few Rube Goldberg machines here at Yahoo in the last year or so, but this is the first to feature puppies.

Beneful recently released an ad featuring an adorable "Dog Goldberg machine."

Gizmodo's Leslie Horn calls it the "greatest, most adorable pup-powered kibble and ball distributor ever," and we'd have to agree, even if the feeding method is hardly practical.

Beneful, if you were trying to create a viral video that we'd watch again and again, consider your mission accomplished.

Nothing beats puppies in a little red wagon.


How many takes did the ad take?

Ian Schafer, CEO of DeepFocus, the creator of the ad, didn't recall how many exactly. "[I'll] put it this way," he told Mashable. "It wasn't easy. It was a very long day."

Fun fact: Rube Goldberg was born on July 4, 1883.

In honour of what would have been his 130th birthday, here's a 300-step, world-record-breaking Rube Goldberg machine.

Kinetic artist Joseph Herscher uses a Rube Goldberg machine as part of his morning routine.

And here's a 7-year-old boy's clever monster trap.