Baby moose in Newfoundland gets RCMP escort to Gander SPCA

Lindsay Jolivet

The only crime committed by the passenger of a Newfoundland RCMP cruiser on Sunday was moosing around.

CBC News reports a baby moose stood on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway near Appleton, Nfld., on Sunday crying out repeatedly, when residents started to gather around the distressed animal.

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The mother never arrived to help the baby, so the RCMP delivered its unusual passenger to the Gander Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (SPCA). Reports of two adult moose killed on the highway last week could indicate the baby's mother was hit by a car.

Video submitted to CBC by Tim Cochrane shows a man lifting the moose out of the vehicle as it squeals and struggles. The moose, which is about three or four weeks old, reportedly calmed down after drinking about four litres of milk.

Someone with the username Tim_C also commented on the story, saying he rode in the police car with the moose and he could tell she wouldn't have survived on her own in the wild.

The SPCA said they might name her Apple.

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The baby moose has a wildlife friend at the SPCA this week, according to the Gander Beacon, because a Great Horned Owl has also stopped in for a visit. The two of them will soon travel to the Salmonier Nature Park, where they'll likely feel more at home away from all those dogs and cats.