New underwear uses science of chemical warfare defense to filter farts

Scott Sutherland

No more silent but deadly. No more dutch ovens. No one will wonder who dealt it. A British company is producing underwear that can filter out the smell of farts.

Shreddies, Ltd., a company in Loughborough, UK, has used the same science that goes into chemical warfare suits to offer men's and women's underwear that can handle up to 200 times the noxious odour of the average flatulence. The science part comes from a layer of activated carbon cloth in the back panel of the underwear, called 'Zorflex'. This specially-designed cloth has a microporous structure, giving it a very large surface area. Apparently, just one gram of this cloth has a total surface area equivalent to half the size of a football field.

This incredible surface area means that there is a lot of absorption potential, and it only takes throwing the cloth in the wash to reactivate it.

Check out this video reel from the BBC that even gets some reviews and public opinion about the product:

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The men's underwear costs between $40-$47 Cdn, and the women's cost between $32-35 Cdn, before shipping. That's a bit pricey for one pair of underwear, but for anyone dealing with Crohn's disease or irritable bowel syndrome, or who's just renowned for producing especially noxious odours, it's a small price to pay to (as the company's motto says) "fart with confidence."

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