Time-lapse video reveals incredible night skies from the majestic Rocky Mountains

What could be better than a majestic view of the the snow-capped Rocky Mountains? A view of them framing the spectacular view of our Milky Way Galaxy as it tracks its way across the night sky!

The 2,000 individual pictures that went into making this beautiful time-lapse video were shot by photographer Jack Fusco, during last year's Jasper Dark Sky Festival, in Jasper, Alberta — arguably one of the most beautiful locations in all of Canada.

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The Jasper Dark Sky Preserve, in Jasper National Park, is currently the second largest dark sky preserve in the world, topped only by Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Alberta/southern Northwest Territories. These preserves are set up as regions with no light pollution at all, to keep the night sky as natural as possible. Canada has 19 different dark sky preserves, in seven provinces across the nation. The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada maintains a list of dark sky preserves and urban star parks on their website.

Events like the Jasper Dark Sky Festival, collectively called 'star parties', are held to get astronomy enthusiasts out to view the night sky, usually coinciding with a new moon to get the best viewing, or to see specific sights, like meteor showers. The RASC maintains a list of regular star parties throughout the year, and local astronomy clubs and stargazing sites (like OntarioStargazing.com) will have their own event lists as well. They're great ways to see the night sky, especially for anyone who doesn't own a telescope or is trapped under light-polluted skies (or both).

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