The Fast Fix: Rick Perry for President?

Chris Cillizza

Texas Republican governor Rick Perry may be looking to run in 2012, but would the GOP support another Texan governor while still recovering from Bush fatigue?

Is America ready for another Republican governor from Texas to be president?

We may just find out in 2012 as Rick Perry is actively considering a run for the GOP nod.

Perry's had a long history in Texas politics, dating back to his time as a yell leader at Texas A&M. Perry served as George W. Bush's lieutenant governor for six years before ascending to the top job in 2000 when Bush became president.

Since then Perry has won three elections in his own right, raising and spending more than $40 million on his 2010 race against a serious Democratic opponent.

Perry has long denied any interest in running for president but the wide open nature of the field has clearly piqued his interest.

If he does run, Perry would bring several major assets to the Republican primary race.

First, he was the first high profile politician to link arms with the tea party movement back in 2009. At a rally on July 4 of that year, Perry spoke -- telling the crowd: "It's good to be with people who understand the shenanigans that are going on in Washington, D.C."

Second, he's from Texas, a well spring of major Republican donors. And, with President Obama planning to raise in excess of $750 million for the 2012 campaign, Republicans want to make sure they nominate someone who can stay within financial shouting distance.

Perry's main drawback? From his homestate to his way of speaking, he evokes a bushelful of similarities to George W. Bush. With Bush fatigue still alive in the country, it's not clear that Republicans want to nominate ANOTHER governor from Texas.


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