The Fast Fix: Obama on break?

Chris Cillizza
The Fast Fix

President Obama's annual vacation to Martha's vineyard is already under fire, and he's barely unpacked. Is it fair for the commander in chief to relax when the country is facing big problems?

President Obama leaves for a 10-day vacation to Martha's Vineyard today, a trip that has already stirred controversy.

Republicans have criticized Obama not only for going on vacation at a time of economic turmoil but also choosing the ritzy island off of Cape Cod as his destination.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has slammed Obama for "vacationing in Martha's Vineyard" rather than working to create jobs out in the country.

Obama seems unconcerned about the barbs thrown his way. He's been criticized for vacationing in Martha's Vineyard in each of the last two summers without any long-term political consequences.

Of course, the ongoing struggles of the American economy and the yo-yoing stock market make the optics of a trip to Martha's Vineyard a bit more complicated.

Back in 1995, then President Bill Clinton decided not to go to his usual vacation spot on Martha's Vineyard and instead traveled to Wyoming for five days. After he won re-election in 1996, Clinton started going back to the Vineyard.

Obama has no such plans.  But expect him and his family to keep a low profile during their vacation, avoiding lots of public photo ops that Republicans can use to paint him as out of touch with average Americans.


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