'Sleepy Hollow': John Cho Will Return!

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Everyone who knows the story of Ichabod Crane expected heads to roll on "Sleepy Hollow," Fox's new supernatural thriller. But killing John Cho? Unacceptable!

The "Star Trek" stud's shady cop, Andy Dunn, was dispatched in the premiere, just after locating the Headless Horseman's noggin.

Officer Andy was undeniably and reliably dead, but leading man Tom Mison (Crane) said that on "Sleepy Hollow," "the rulebook's out the window."

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"Anything can happen," he told us. "You don't know when people are going to die — and when they are going to come back."

Hold up: Is Cho actually returning?

"Oh my god, is he ever!" executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Len Wiseman confirmed to Yahoo TV.

"Of course he's back," Kurtzman said, suggesting that the mere idea of hiring the popular actor for a one-and-done gig is ludicrous.

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However, Cho is "back in a very strange way," Wiseman teased. Added his co-creator, he's "back with a vengeance, let's say."

That makes Cho's co-star Nicole Beharie (Lt. Abbie Mills) very happy.

"I was kind of sad that they took my favorite people out," she told us about the pilot, in which character actor Clancy Brown's sheriff was decapitated. "But the thing about the show is that there are no rules, so you never know if you'll see them again."

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She was one of the first to welcome Cho back on set. "I love him!"

Watch the full pilot episode:


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"Sleepy Hollow" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Fox.