Return of the Smack: 7 Questions With Danny McBride

Fall TVSeptember 30, 2013

Loudmouthed lothario Kenny Powers and his real-life alter ego Danny McBride have come out of retirement for a fourth and final eight-episode season of the envelope-pushing baseball comedy "Eastbound & Down." Yahoo TV caught up with the show's creator/writer/executive producer/leading man on the red carpet of Friday's Hollywood premiere at Avalon to find out what viewers can expect from the man, the myth, and the mullet when the series returns to HBO on Sept. 29.

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1. You and HBO told everyone Season 3 was the end. Why come back?

The fans wanted Kenny resurrected and we felt we had a strong enough story — and one that would stay true to the series — to go one more season. We had wanted to make the whole last season about Kenny and April being together but because Katy Mixon has been so successful on "Mike & Molly," we didn't have her for all of the episodes we'd originally hoped to. This time we got her for all the episodes, so we were able to work out a lot of the storylines we'd originally intended to do last year.

2. Where does Season 4 pick up?

A few years after we last saw Kenny when he faked his death, killed the legend, and walked away from the majors to pursue true love with April, start a family. But Kenny is absolutely miserable with his choice and his boring normal life in the suburbs. His rage is about to bubble over and he will do anything to get back into the limelight. He sees his chance by going on a sports talk show called "Sports Sesh" with Ken Marino as the host.

3. Kenny's had a mullet, cornrows, and for some of the first episode he's a bottle blonde. Which was the hardest hairstyle to maintain/contend with?

The cornrows. Very itchy. Only black dudes are meant to have rows. That's what I learned from my adventure with cornrows.

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4. You created one of the most truly outrageous characters in TV history. Was there ever a scene or a joke that you cut because it went too far over the line?

I wish I had those kind of morals, but I only ever tried to push him farther over the line between wrong and right. We only cut scenes that didn't further the story or that weren't funny enough. I don't think I ever once heard anyone on the "Eastbound" say, "Hey is that too dirty or too offensive?"

5. Ken Marino, Lindsay Lohan, Marilyn Manson — who is the most demanding guest star?

Actually they are all lovely. But Steve Little is out of control. You show your d--k on TV and suddenly you think you rule the set. It's unbelievable.

6. As a creator and producer, were you concerned about hiring LiLo based on her scandalous reputation for disrupting production?

Frankly, I'm disappointed. I'd heard all those stories and was hoping she'd do something crazy to get publicity for the show. But in all seriousness, we were fans of her work. [Director/Co-creator] Jody [Hill] has always loved "Herbie." A classic. I don't know why but we always had faith that she'd be cool and she proved us right.

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7. One of the only things you have in common with Kenny is that you are both dads. Would you take any fatherly advice from him?

No. You should just do pretty much the opposite of anything he does with his kids although he sets the bar so low that compared to him I'm father of the year."

Watch a sneak peek:

"Eastbound & Down" Season 4 premieres Sunday, Sept. 29 at 10 p.m. on HBO.