'Person of Interest' Season Premiere Tweet-cap: Finch and Reese Have Company

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The "Person of Interest" Season 3 premiere episode, "Liberty," was heavy on the action and brimming with morally questionable moments, laughs, and a good dose of creepiness.  

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Fans took to Twitter to let the world know how much they had missed their long-awaited show and exactly why they were looking forward to it. Not everyone, however, is happy with the two new female characters.

The episode kicked off with a couple of action-packed and humorous sequences that introduced the new function of the characters. Most fans loved the jokes packed into these scenes, although some were disappointed to see that Carter had been demoted, and many loved Fusco's new look (as Shaw's carriage driver).
The Machine sends Finch and Reese the Social Security number of a Navy "squid" who is trying to turn his life around. Unfortunately, a friend gets him caught up in the middle of a diamond smuggling ring involving Force Recon Marines. One fan seemed offended:
The Marines trap Reese in a room with the squid's friend and a bomb, using a videophone to keep tabs on Reese to ensure he doesn't escape. Of course, Finch hacks the phone and sends Fusco in to do the dirty work. Poor Fusco!
The deal between the Marines and Russians goes south, with the squid, unfortunately, caught in the middle. Reese walks right into the room and delivers another hilarious one-liner to break up the tension.
As Reese takes out a few bad guys while protecting his squid, Shaw takes out many more from the roof, using a new sniper toy she stole from the Marines.

Meanwhile, Carter was helping out the team by speaking with Elias. Carter is not at all thrilled about her new deal with Elias, but it will come in handy when she needs information that she can no longer get as a beat cop. Elias always wants something in return, however. This time, he sends in one of his men to retrieve the diamonds left after the standoff between the Russians and Marines.

While the team works on helping an innocent person, Root is busy arguing with the Machine. Her psychiatrist confines her in a room without technology for a few days after he realizes that she stole his phone, and she worries about her sanity.

When he sits down to speak with her again at the end of the episode, she begins listing all of his secrets, then explains how she has been arguing with an 11-year-old girl — who happens to be God, by the way — about whether she should kill him or not. Most fans were creeped out (in a good way!).

The reactions to the episode as a whole were mostly positive. In fact, it looks as though "POI" made some new fans on Tuesday night! What did you think of the premiere? Sound off in the comments below!

Watch a clip from "Liberty" now: 

"Person of Interest" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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