Did the Golden Touch of 'Duck Dynasty' Boost 'Last Man Standing' Ratings?

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Everybody wants a little bit of "Duck Dynasty" magic!

The hit A&E show is so popular, everybody's clamoring for a connection to it. The Robertson family's reach is spreading — just look at all the weird related merchandise you can get now.

So, it's no wonder that ABC wanted to get on that bandwagon. Friday night, Uncle Si and Willie Robertson appeared on the Tim Allen comedy "Last Man Standing" in their first ever acting roles.

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Of course, the Robertsons are already hilarious, just as themselves, so guest starring on a comedy wasn't a huge stretch.

And they played characters that were basically versions of themselves: two major customers at Allen's sporting goods store. They also gave good advice to Allen, who was struggling with his employee's newfound philosophical bent. The roles didn't require too much acting, and both Uncle Si and Willie seemed comfortable in their scenes.

Still, seems that the "Duck Dynasty" aura only goes so far. The premiere of "Last Man Standing" didn't do well in the ratings — it was down 25 percent from last year, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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Even so, fans on Twitter were loving the crossover:

Who else wants to join a petition for Uncle Si to get his own sitcom?

Watch the full episode:

"Last Man Standing" airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Check out more photos of Willie and Uncle Si on "Last Man Standing":