7 Reasons You Should Watch 'The Voice' (We Saw, We Know)

Fall TV

If you've never tuned in to "The Voice," this is the season to start. The chemistry between the hosts is simply dynamic. You'll hear better jokes on this singing competition than you will on most scripted sitcoms. Seriously.

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Mentors Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and lone gal Christina Aguilera seem so happy to be reunited ... how happy, you ask? So happy that they break into song. Yee! They also tease each other nonstop. The banter is so funny this time around that "The Voice" feels like "Friends" — with more music, of course.

And this year's contestants (whom we're not allowed to talk about) are an eclectic, electric group. Here's a clip of one of the best contenders, talented and lovable Matthew Schuler belting out "Cough Syrup":

We can't give you specifics, such as who sings what song or who gets on whose team, but here are a few of our favorite moments from the premiere.

1. Levine Gets Physical

One contestant inspires Adam Levine to do a high kick. It doesn't happen, which is why it's funny. Another inspires him to do pushups, which does happen. He also straddles his chair and picks up a contestant, who straddles him.

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2. Aguilera Gets Lyrical

When the former genie in a bottle gets excited, she celebrates in song, the musical equivalent of a touchdown dance. Cute.

3. Miami Sound Machine

That's all we can say. OK, we can also say that every cog in the wheel of that machine was — and still is — mega-talented.

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4. Mixing Work and Pleasure.

One contestant is superblunt to a prospective mentor and gushes, "You're so good-looking, I won't be able to focus." All the mentors seem a little more revved up than last time around. Chalk it up to competitive energy or excessive caffeine. (Starbucks is a very visual sponsor.)

5. A Bromance for the Ages

There is a lot of teasing and bickering, especially between three-time champion Blake Shelton — who mentions his three wins 30,000 times or so, yet somehow his bragging never gets old — and Levine. But they hug it out like grown men and move on. Very cute. Also, Blake declares that he has a new man crush.

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6. Michael Jackson Tribute

We're talking about M.J. fashion — specifically, the icon's red-and-black leather ensemble from "Thriller." Cee Lo cops the look. Yes, he gets teased about it. A couple of times.

7. 'Not Much to It Besides to Do It'

It's a slogan that one contestant lives by, and NBC should slap it on a T-shirt, pronto. Catchy, right?

The Emmy-winning "The Voice" returns Monday, Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. on NBC.