'HIMYM': 4 Things We Uncovered About Cristin Milioti in Her First Interview as the Mother

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After eight seasons, we finally got a glimpse of the titular matriarch in "How I Met Your Mother" — Broadway actress Cristin Milioti — and we finally got to hear from her for the first time in an interview this week with Entertainment Weekly.


In the Season 8 finale, Lily and Marshall were thinking about moving to Italy and Ted was secretly planning to move to Chicago. But before any of that could happen, the gang's headed to Barney and Robin's nuptials which, according to executive producer Carter Bays, will be "the longest wedding weekend ever."


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And it's where Ted meets the love of his life and future mother of this children.

The new season is now in production and Milioti has finally been able to break her silence. Here are a few quick facts about everybody's favorite MILM (mom I'd like to meet).

1. She had never seen the show before getting the role.

Like more and more people, Milioti didn't have a television and watched TV shows only on the Internet. Of course, now she's watching episodes of "HIMYM" every morning at breakfast to catch up.

2. She got into theater by shaving her head.

At 12, she met a beautiful 16-year-old girl from Venezuela who shaved her head bald. The day before her first day at a new middle school, she did the same. "Basically, from then on, the only kids that were nice to me were the theater kids."

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3. All of the extras from the station scene in the Season 8 finale were writers and producers.

So that news of Milioti's casting wouldn't leak, only people in the know at the script level were involved in the shooting of that scene.

4. Her character suffers from "dad humor."

"She has a unique sense of humor that is very similar to Ted's. She's a young woman who suffers from dad humor," said Milioti of her character. "Corny isn't even the word — a little nerdy."

Season 9 of "How I Met Your Mother" premieres Sept. 23 on CBS.