Watch raw footage of the Japan earthquake and tsunami

Liz Goodwin

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Northeast Japan spawned a ferocious tsunami that's caused massive destruction; flattening whole cities, starting raging fires, and killing hundreds.

We've gathered some videos that show the scope of the disaster, and you can also see The Atlantic's collection of photos of the quake.

The death toll has climbed above 10,000, with thousands still missing. In this stirring footage, you see the power of the tsunami tearing through the city of Kesennuma:

As the sun rose on Japan, the rescue operations began:

A view from above as the earthquake rocks Japan:

This Reuters report shows hundreds of cars being swept away by water and a live shot from inside a newsroom as the quake hits:

A Japanese news program narrates footage of a tsunami wave crashing over the countryside:

In the aftermath of the tsunami, an ocean whirlpool forms, trapping a boat:

The quake sparked a massive fire at a Japanese oil refinery:

The water overtakes Sendai airport:

A boat fights waves off the coast:

Fires broke out in Fukushima, Sendai, Iwate and Ibaraki:

In this raw footage, the ground cracks open and water begins to spout:

A skyscraper wobbles during the quake:

This raw footage shows the power of the tsunami carrying away large boats and even buildings:

Video of chaos inside a Japanese supermarket:

The quake wreaks havoc inside a Japanese home:

UPDATE: An earlier version of this story indicated that 80,00 persons were missing in Japan, but that figure was later disputed.