News of the world: Revisiting three cups of tea, U.S. secretly financed Syrian opposition, cables show

Laura Rozen

• CBS's "60 Minutes" finds some fictitious elements in Greg Mortenson's bestselling book "Three Cups of Tea," and loose accounting in its associated charity that promotes girls' education in Pakistan and Afghanistan. (CBS 60 Minutes)

• Greg Mortenson defends his work. (New York Times)

• At least sixteen people killed as Syrian protests continue, despite Bashar al-Assad's pledge for sweeping reforms. (Washington Post)

• The United States secretly backed Syrian opposition figures and media from 2005-2010, U.S. diplomatic cables show. Some of the money to Syrian opposition figures was funneled from the State Department's Middle East Partnership Initiative via a California-based group, the Democracy Council. (Washington Post)

• State Department cables show thirst for information on all things Iran. (McClatchy)

• Teenage Israeli boy hurt in Hamas rocket attack dies. (Haaretz)

• Two West Bank Palestinian teens confess to murder of Itamar Fogel family. (Haaretz)

• From Twitter to Tura prison, the Arab spring takes a turn. (Aluf Benn/Haaretz)

• Italian police threaten Newsweek journalist reporting on Silvio Berlusconi's girl problem. (Newsbeast)

(In this citizen journalism image made on a mobile phone, Syrian anti-government protesters, some of them wearing their death shrouds, march during a demonstration in Banias, Syria Sunday, April 17, 2011.: AP Photo)