News of the world: Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron opine on Libya; Netanyahu to address Congress

Laura Rozen

• A New York Times op-ed, composed jointly by Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron, maps out "Libya's pathway to peace," and pledges to see Libya mission through to Gadhafi's departure from power. (New York Times)

• On the ground, however, the United State and its allies see Libya rebels in hopeless disarray. (Reuters)

• Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will give an address to a joint session of Congress when he visits Washington in May. (Wall Street Journal)

• Netanyahu tells Likud party news service that Israel is willing to make painful concessions if Palestinians agree to a demilitarized state, and recognize Israel as a Jewish state. (

• The United States can exercise leverage on Syria's Assad. (Andrew Tabler/Foreign Policy)

• America's influence in the Middle East is fading. (Shmuel Bar/Policy Review)

• The European Union sanctions 32 Iranians on human rights grounds. (EU, Politico)

• An Italian peace activist has been killed by Al Qaeda-linked militants in Gaza. (CNN)

• U.S. democracy advisers are suddenly in high demand. (Barbara Slavin/IPS)

• The U.S. Army's cheat sheet on Yemen. (Public Intelligence)

(French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron exchange looks behind the back of U.S. President Barack Obama as leaders assemble for a group portrait session at the Nato summit in Lisbon, Portugal Friday Nov 19 2010.: Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP Photo.)