News of the World: Norway mourns; terror suspect arraigned; North Korea nuclear envoy to U.S. for talks.

Laura Rozen

• Norway held a minute's silence Monday for the victims of twin attacks Friday. (Reuters; BBC)

• Anders Behring Breivik, who admits to perpetrating the Oslo bombing and Utoya massacre, but denies 'criminal responsibility,' was arraigned in a closed hearing in Oslo Monday. The judge ordered him held for eight weeks, four in isolation, before trial on charges of terrorism. (BBC)

• Norway police lower death toll from twin attacks to 76, after some missing teenagers thought killed on island of Utoya accounted for, and an eighth person died from Oslo bombing. (Associated Press)

• Breivik alluded to collaborating with two cells of extremists, judge says police are investigating. (New York Times; AP)

• A look at Breivik's white-nationalist manifesto. (The Economist)

• Breivik's estranged father was a senior Norwegian diplomat posted to Paris and London; his sister lives in Los Angeles. (Mail Online)

• Investigators are now trying to track down Europeans linked with Breivik.  (Telegraph)

• Dominique Strauss-Kahn's accuser speaks out. (ABC News; Newsweek)

• North Korea's nuclear envoy is coming to the United States for talks. (UPI)

• Libyan rebel leader says Gadhafi can stay in Libya so long as he relinquishes power. (Wall Street Journal)