News of the world: McCain in Benghazi, doubts on drones, why Clinton will miss Gates

Laura Rozen

• Sen. John McCain, making an unannounced visit to the eastern Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi, tells reporters the anti-Gadhafi rebel fighters are his heroes. (Washington Post)

• Libyan rebels get the upper hand in Misrata. (Washington Post)

• The U.S. decision to deploy armed Predator drones for use in Libya is a mistake, two veteran national security correspondents argue. (David Ignatius/Washington Post; James Fallows/The Atlantic)

• Syrian security forces reportedly open fire at protesters. (Washington Post)

• Secretary of State Hillary Clinton profiled as one of Time's 100 most influential people in the world--but you already knew that. (Time)

• Former Clinton administration official foresees trouble in Obama's post-Bob Gates national security team given continued tensions between Obama advisers and Clinton's inner circle. (David Rothkopf/ForeignPolicy)

• When in doubt on Middle East policy, give a speech. (Aaron Miller/Foreign Policy)

• Journalist Sebastian Junger remembers his friend and collaborator, slain war photographer Tim Hetherington: "I know what you were thinking: What a silly way to die. What a silly, selfish, ridiculous mistake to have made. Don't think that, brother. You had a very specific vision for your work and for your life, and that vision included your death. It didn't have to, but that's how it turned out. I'm so sorry, Tim." (Vanity Fair)

(Sen. John McCain in Benghazi, Libya Friday: Marwan Naamani /AFP/Getty Images)