News of the world: Greece approves austerity plan, France armed Libya rebels

Laura Rozen
June 29, 2011

• Greece approves austerity plan. (Reuters)

• NATO, Afghan security forces retake control of Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel. (Guardian)

• The truth about U.S.-Taliban talks (Ahmed Rashid)

• France confirms it air-dropped arms to Libyan rebels. (BBC)

• Two French journalists freed in Afghanistan. (CNN)

• Iranian journalist explains mix-up about his blog post on sanctions, nuclear test. (Guardian)

• Publicist cites failed anti-flotilla video hoax to pitch his services to Israeli government. (Robert Mackey)

• Egypt orders probe of Tahrir Square clashes Tuesday that injured over 1,000 people. (BBC)

• Israeli-Turkish ties warming up after long chill? (Hurriyet)

• New study estimates U.S. war costs since 9/11 at over $3 trillion. (Reuters; The Lookout; costsofwar)

• The GOP's foreign policy fissures. (NationalJournal)