The Middle East comes to Washington: the day after round-up

Laura Rozen

After another highly-charged, high stakes trip to Washington by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, analysts are chewing over the visit: who won the politics? Are peace talks any closer to being resumed--or, as it currently appears, as far away as ever?

Here's a round up of analysis of the visit and state of play:

• Obama and Netanyahu: the scorecard. (Jackson Diehl/Washington Post)

• Netanyahu is on the way to becoming the Hosni Mubarak of the peace process. (Tom Friedman/New York Times)

• Netanyahu wasted his chance to present a vision for peace. (Haaretz)

• Why Palestinians have time on their side. (Jeff Goldberg/Bloomberg)

• Abbas says Netanyahu offers no hope for peace. (Reuters)

• Obama's Jewish backers on edge over his Mideast peace plan. (Los Angeles Times)

• Netanyahu's speech polarized American Jews. (Jane Eisner/The Guardian)

• Obama's immediate goal not to relaunch negotiations, but head off unilateral Palestinian UN move (Martin Indyk/ABC)

(President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet at the White House on May 20, 2011: Charles Dharapak/AP Photo)