Daily Planet: Car bomb strikes UN in Nigeria; Japan PM Kan resigns

Laura Rozen

• A car bomb at the UN headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria (video above) killed at least 16 people Friday. (Associated Press)

• Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan resigned Friday amid public dissatisfaction with government response to March 11 tsuanami, Fukushima nuclear crisis. (Washington Post)

• U.S. condemns attack on Syrian cartoonist. (State Department)

• Iran begins moving centrifuges to underground bunker Fordow facility, near Qom. (Reuters; ISIS)

• India anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare agrees to end his fast. (Time)

• CIA demands cuts in FBI agent's memoir of post-9/11 terror fight. (New York Times)

• Middle East's Game of Thrones (Chrystia Freeland/Reuters)

• U.S. distances itself, NATO from Gadhafi manhunt. (Reuters)

• Libya win unlikely to convince war-weary Congress. (Andrew Parasiliti/IISS)