Stephen Harper chirps Barack Obama over beer bet on Canada-USA women’s hockey game, while Buffalo bar bans Canadian beer

Andrew Bucholtz

Like many Canadians, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was celebrating the women's hockey team's 3-2 overtime win against the U.S. to earn Olympic gold Thursday. Harper's probably the only Canadian who's going to get a case of beer from American president Barack Obama as a result, though. The heads of state made a bet in advance of the women's final Thursday and the U.S.-Canada men's semifinal Friday, saying that each win would earn the victorious leader a case of beer from the losing country. After the Canadian women triumphed Thursday, Harper (who was returning from a one-day NAFTA trade summit in Mexico with Obama and Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto) tweeted to Obama that he was already looking forward to the spoils of victory:

It's certainly well-known that Harper is a big hockey fan; heck, he wrote a book on the game's history. It's interesting to see how excited he got about the Canadian women's win, though; chirping Obama about the result is pretty funny, and that's not all he did. CTV's Omar Sachedina, who was on a plane home from the summit with Harper, his staffers, and other journalists, tweeted that the prime minister announced the score personally on the flight:

We'll see if Harper gets two cases of beer or just the one after the men's game tomorrow. Here's hoping that Obama sends him a decent microbrew instead of just Coors or Budweiser, though. Meanwhile, in other trade news, at least one American bar (in Buffalo) has announced it will refuse to serve Canadian beer during the men's game:

In many bars, banning Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue would be seen as a sign of taste rather than a national insult, though, so it's hard to get too outraged about that. But coming after our La Fin Du Monde? Now that's just going too far, America...