Mary Kay reveals new car for sales staff at Dallas convention

Y! News - DallasJuly 26, 2011

Stephanie Lucero, CBS 11 News

DALLAS — Mary Kay Cosmetics unveiled its newest incentive on wheels; the Ford Mustang, and beauty consultants from all over the globe greeted the newest "trophy on wheels" with the typical Mary Kay excitement.

"Goodbye Malibu!  Hello Mustang, until I get my pink Cadillac, that's my biggest and greatest goal." said Anny Orrostieta of Tyler.  Orrostieta is an independent sales director.

The pink Cadillac will remain the top tier vehicle loaned to sales directors and national sales director who sell at least $100,000 in cosmetics in a year.  The Mustang will be used by directors who sell less, but corporate executives wouldn't be specific about the requirements.

The company unveiled the new incentive car at its annual seminar at the Dallas Convention Center.  Mary Kay Cosmetics holds five back-to-back conferences every year and they generate an estimated $71 million for the local economy.