Two-headed turtle born in Texas zoo named Thelma and Louise

Lindsay Jolivet

The latest arrival at the San Antonio Zoo might move slowly, but she has all four eyes on the target.

A two-headed turtle hatched on June 25 is now on display, and its caretaker says she's health and eating — with both of her heads. The turtle has two names for her two brains: Thelma and Louise.

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The curator of the turtle's exhibit, Craig Pelke, said in a video by the Associated Press that when he first picked up the turtle, one of her heads looked around in curiosity while the other tried to bite him.

Thelma and Louise is actually two twin turtles that are attached, according to the zoo, which besides being a tongue-twister, isn't really a confounding phenomenon for zookeepers.

The zoo in San Antonio, Texas, once had another two-headed creature, Janus the Texas rat snake, according to the Associated Press. Janus — named for the Roman god with two faces — lived from 1978 until 1995.

Perhaps someday Thelma and Louise can made friends with Deucy the two-faced kitten, who was born in Oregon in early June.

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Unlike another two-faced cat born recently who died who days later, Deucy appears healthy, a veterinarian told the owner. He also has plenty to say with his little mouths.

Despite their two-faced natures, I'm sure Deucy, Thelma and Louise can all get along brilliantly without talking behind each others' backs.