Time Magazine cover makes Pope look like the Devil

Lindsay Jolivet
Time Magazine cover of Pope Francis
Time Magazine cover of Pope Francis. (Handout)

Online observers, perhaps seeking a distraction from royal baby ogling, are seeing Devil's horns on the Pope.

The cover of Time Magazine's international edition for July 29 features a photo of the pontiff's face in profile superimposed above the magazine's title. The top of his head cuts off part of the "M" in Time, leaving two red spikes poking up from behind Pope Francis' head.

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Satanic or over-analyzed?

If Time was imitating Michelangelo's statue of Moses, ABC News notes the Pope isn't the first to get the evil treatment. Prince Charles, George Bush, Bill Gates and John Paul II have all appeared on the magazine's cover with their heads placed below the "M."

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It's possible — and here's a shocker — that an "M" in the middle of the title simply limits Time's layout options.

But the supposedly satanic Pope isn't creating nearly as much controversy as Rolling Stone's cover featuring the accused Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.