Scooter-riding sheep dog looks to earn world record

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Norman the dog has a few special tricks and one of them could soon earn him a Guinness World Record.

The French sheepdog can ride a scooter, even push himself forward with one back paw as he glides happily down the street. He also features regularly on the show Who Let the Dogs Out.

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A post on the scooter dog's website says Guinness World Records contacted his owner about setting a record for the fastest scooter ride by a dog. He'll have to ride 30m in 30 seconds or less to earn the record. But he doesn't have much competition.

Watch him practice his doggy scootering.

Scooter riding isn't Norman's only talent either. Another YouTube video shows Norman peddling his very own bike, with his name painted on the back.

Norman may soon join other skilled pooches in history when he attempts his world record on July 12 in Marietta, Georgia. The event will raise money for a charity called Road Trip Home, according to the website.

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Past doggy records include one for catching and holding the most frisbees in the mouth at the same time and most bank notes taken out of a wallet by a dog in 60 seconds.

Better watch that last dog around your money.