Record-breaking Tetris game is faster than you can handle

Lindsay Jolivet

Video of an astounding Tetris game by a fast-fingered player has a champion declaring it possibly the biggest accomplishment in gaming ever.

A player identified only as Keroco is said to be tapping the keys in a video uploaded last week, and the speed at which the pieces fall in lines is hard to follow with your eyes, much less plan and execute.

The game is a whir of coloured shapes that's over in less than 20 seconds.

Mental Floss writes this video marks the first time a player has ever cleared 40 Tetris lines in under 20 seconds, with the final time clocking in at 19.68 seconds. Writer Chris Higgins says it's incredible given that even recently, 40 seconds was considered quite good.

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Ben Mullen, a Tetris champion, wrote the game was a moment in history.

"Let me humbly submit that this may be the greatest achievement in the history of gaming," Mental Floss quoted from Mullen.

The video has gathered more than 430,000 views since it was uploaded on Aug. 16 and it's sparked discussion on Reddit.

A series of videos on Keroco's channel shows the player's progress to faster and faster times, from 22.38 seconds 10 months ago to the game that has viewers' mouths agape.