‘Price is Right’ contestant crowd-surfs in possibly the best ‘come on down’ ever

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

The Price is Right audience members wait in suspense each episode for the glorious line they've heard so many times before on television — no, not the reminder to spay and neuter their pets — the words "Come on Down!"

When Premal Shah heard his name before those words during a recent college episode of the game show, he leaped over the heads of his peers and crowd-surfed his way down to the floor.

"That was an amazing come on down," host Drew Carey told him once he reached the end of the crowd.

The video, posted by the Price is Right with the title "The Greatest Come On Down EVER!" has been seen more than 268,000 times since it was uploaded last Friday and it was shared on Reddit.

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Past viral the Price is Right moments have included an appearance by actor Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, who hollered to Bob Barker that he was his idol.

But contestant Carla might still be the happiest contestant to ever grace the Price is Right stage. She was so thrilled to hear her name she jumped onto another audience member to hug him and they both fell to the ground.

No matter — with a little help she was back up cheering in seconds.