Pot-fed pork gets high marks from pigs and people

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Pot-fed pork gets high marks from pigs and people

Pigs on a farm in Washington state have been getting the munchies.

The Associated Press video shows the pigs on a farm owned by Jeremy Gross chowing down on slop infused with marijuana leftovers in the state that recently legalized recreational use of pot.

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It makes for a neat sales draw at the market, where toothpick tags on the pork have a tiny marijuana leaf graphic.

People who try the pot-fed pork in the video say it has a "kick" to it.

The marijuana really does make the pigs hungrier, Susannah Gross recently told Reuters. She said the pigs on the "special" slop turned out about 20 or 30 pounds heavier than the others. They were potbellied in more ways than one.

The Gross farm isn't the only one feeding its animals leftovers from marijuana processing.

William von Schneidau, a butcher in Seattle, has also been feeding pigs weed before butchering them to make prosciutto, according to the National Public Radio blog The Salt.

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He said the resulting meat is "redder and more savoury," according to the blog. Both meat producers said the product has proved popular among customers.

The Salt reported it's unknown if pigs actually become high when they eat the pot.

If pigs start to become disengaged and very giggly, we'll have our answer.